11 April 2010

Political Party Blogs - Word Cloud Analysis

Running feeds of the three major political blogs through through Wordle (a word-cloud generating tool), omitting nongermane words, provides an interesting perspective into their current media strategies.

Here is Conservative Home:

Labour List:

Finally, Lib Dem Voice:

This does appear to suggest Labour is more focused on the opposition, instead of its own policies, with 'Tories' very prominent. Interestingly, Osborne appears to be more of a focal point of posts than Cameron - suggesting the party does perceive him to the be the weakest link to target.

Conservative Home, whilst more focused on Cameron and its own party, on the surface does appear to be lighter on policy specifics than the other two blogs.

Whilst Lib Dem Voice appear to be the most policy driven blog, the Labour government does feature prominently. This contrasts to most of Cable's recent press appearances, in which the Conservatives have been the focal point of attack, including the most recent poster (which Cable was heavily taken to task over by Jon Sopel on The Politics Show this morning).

In addition, the fact that no words are as prominent as the other two blogs, perhaps highlights the fact the party isn't drumming home its core messages as effectively as its opponents - underlining the fact the vast majority of the public still doesn't know what Clegg really stands for.

So to conclude (admittedly slightly disingenuously), Labour = too negative, Conservatives = policy light and Lib Dems = confused public.

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