05 March 2006

Are you watching USA? Your boy took a beating tonight

"Joe Calzaghe, whether it's because he likes Welsh home cooking, or whether his promoter didn't want to see his revenue stream dry up, hasn't demanded The Big Fight, The Big Test, The Career Definer, until now. It could be argued by a first year law student that he's even avoided The Big One. That doesn't bode well for the Welshman. Lacy KO2."

This was ESPN writer Michael Woods' pre-fight verdict on the big Calzaghe/Lacy contest. The American media is particularly inward looking when it comes to sport, often deriding non-US sports as less athletic then football, basketball or baseball. They fail to see that sporting contests aren't always about who is the tallest, heaviest or quickest and the elements of skill in sports such as soccer. When it comes to boxing they believe that any fighter who doesn't come to their country to fight is either sheltered or lacks ambition. Calzaghe has been world champion since the late 1990s but has never received much credit or attention in the US press and they were quick to play down his chances against their boy Lacy. Well it was good to see both the US press and Lacy hold their hands up after the fight and admit that they underestimated the bhoyo from the valley.

"The classy Lacy gave the victor his proper due: "He fought a perfect fight." Undoubtedly. On this night, Joe Calzaghe fought with the aplomb of a duly confident veteran who knows that he's seen it all inside the ring. Not since Roy Jones schooled James Toney in 1994 has a fighter so completely schooled an opponent in a heavily hyped, pick 'em bout." Michael Woods (post-fight).

(Source: The Sweet Science)

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