07 March 2006

Austrians determined to make a martyr out of Irving

Not content with having locked up David Irving for three years for holocaust denial, the Austrian authorities has now been banned the British 'historian' from talking to the press. The Republic of Austria seems determined to make a martyr out of Irving and by denying him the right to expose himself to further ridicule with his deluded views of the world they add validity to the right-wing’s argument that it is a Jewish conspiracy to silence him. In recent years Irving has received very little media coverage and only a small minority of National Front groups paid any attention to him. Irving knew that by entering Austria he would draw attention to himself and his ideas. The publicity stunt backfired when he was jailed - which I’m almost certain he didn’t believe would happen - but has still helped re-ignite his "cause" and bring his crazy notions of history back to the attention of anti-Semitic’s everywhere.

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