03 March 2006

Germany favourites to win World Cup?

A story in the Guardian today on Adidas contains an intriguing quote on the German team's chances in the upcoming 2006 World Cup:

"... Klinsmann, manager of the young German team which has been a heavily backed favourite to regain the trophy ..."

Heavily backed favourite? Huh? In light of the FIFA president's comments on bird flu, is that the favourite to host the tournament perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

Neither Germany nor Brazil will be in the Final... One will have to eliminate the other along the way, and then will have to face either Argentina or Holland... I say it will be a repeat of 1974 (Even though they are both grouped together, they will borh emerge on top of their group and be there at the end.)After seeing Holland beat Mexico today (with only reserves), it looks like its finally time for "the Clockwork Orange" to strike their final blows, and win the World Cup...Hup Holland!!!