06 March 2006

Racist lecturer allowed to teach

Following the news that a high-school teacher in Colorado has been suspended for questioning George Bush, Leeds University has refused to sack a lecturer who said he supported a theory that black people were inferior to whites. In an interview with the student newspaper, Frank Ellis, a lecturer in Russian and Slavonic studies, stated that the BNP was a "bit too socialist" for his liking. Ellis claimed that the average IQ in Africa was 70, which would be "very close (to), or within the range of, mental retardation". While allowing those in education to have a right to express their views is one thing, this case is clearly another thing altogether. Ellis should not be allowed to teach in an academic environment where he belives that some of his students are inferior to others because of the colour of the skin. Even putting aside the fact that he is an abhorrent racist, Ellis will clearly favour some pupils over others based on their race and, whatever you feel about allowing freedom of speech, that is reason enough to terminate his contract. Jay Bennish must be shaking his head in amazement.

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