09 March 2006

Ooh, argh not much news at the Daily Star

Now I know that the Daily Star is hardly among the market leaders when it comes to breaking quality news stories but today’s issue really appeared to be struggling for even a bit of celebrity gossip to spice up the usual array of semi-naked teenage girls. On the front page the newspaper lead with the story of a tree that looks like Elvis Presley (to which a further full page was devoted inside) and, on page 17, Joe Mott’s ‘double award winning’ hot section discovers that Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding "does a gruelling 50 sit-ups a day to achieve her perfectly flat tum". One can only wonder aloud how "hard worker" Sarah finds the time to record any hit singles.

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Anonymous said...

Someone is certainly interested in Joe Mott at the Daily Star from the number of Google searches that lead here in the last day!